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Lynn and Terry Allen opened their funeral service in September 1995. Terry left school in 1972, at the age of 15 and decided on a career in the funeral industry.
He obtained a position with Francis Chappel & Sons and started to learn how to prepare coffins, collect deceased from hospital and homes, be a pallbearer and to do various other jobs in the funeral trade.

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Terry Allen became a freelance embalmer in 1980, working for various funeral directors in London, Essex and Kent.
He met Lynn in 1975, whose father, uncles and granddad worked in the family business of her great grandfather’s, H.W. Simpson’s.
In 1998, they opened their second branch in Maidstone Road, Rochester and 2001 opened their third branch in Twydall Green, Twydall, Gillingham. In July 2010, they opened their fourth branch in Maidstone Road, Rainham.
Terry and Lynn’s son, Mark joined the company in 1997 and daughter Helen joined in 1999, and are working alongside their parents and learning the funeral profession.
Their staff are highly dedicated to every detail.
T. Allen Funeral Service is a member of The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).

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