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Funeral Guide

Our Funeral Fleet

At T Allen Funeral services we are dedicated to ensuring that we give your loved one a send off that they deserve. A really important part of that send off is to ensure that their final journey is truly personalised to them and the life they led.

At T. Allen Funeral Service, we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to plan a send off that truly commemorates the individual in question.

We have a professional and sophisticated fleet of funeral vehicles available for the funeral procession, which consists of two hearses and three matching limousines, finished in black or grey. These are a traditional vehicle option and very popular amongst our customers as they are perfect for a smart but modest send off.

We also have a Daimler hearse available at our funeral homes in Medway. A Daimler hearse is the funeral car that is used most widely throughout the funeral industry, and the most recognised funeral car.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative option, we can also provide a Land Rover hearse or an Austin Princess Hearse.

Land Rover Hearse

The Land Rover is a stand-alone vehicle, ideal for those who had a love of the outdoors and adventure, or those just looking for something a little different. This vehicle has been converted to make it a safe option for a respectful last journey.

Our model is one of only four that has been converted into a long wheelbase hearse, including one vehicle which is now in the Falklands Islands. The transformation was completed by Foley Specialist Vehicles Ltd, a specialist Land Rover company based in Essex who have helped to ensure that our Land Rover Hearse is a quality option for those looking for a stand-out funeral vehicle.

Not only does this vehicle provide a great option for a person who held a love for the great outdoors, but it also offers an excellent way to insure that adverse weather never has to have a negative impact on your funeral arrangements.

Our Land Rover Hearse can be hired out to other Funeral Directors at a fee of £ 500.00 within the local area. However, it can be hired out anywhere within the United Kingdom. Further afield may incur an additional travelling fee. Please contact our Rochester branch for availability and further information.

1963 Vanden Plas Austin Princess Hearse

We are now the proud owners of a 1963 Vanden Plas Austin Princess Hearse. The Austin Princess Hearse is now black and grey to match our limousines, unlike the video on our website homepage where it is just black. 

Daimler Hearse

Daimler hearses have been used by the Royal family for generations, with classical British elegance. Hearses Wilcox have built and been used for the funerals of the Queen Mothers, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and Baroness Thatcher.

The Daimler hearse is arguably the world’s finest and most beautiful vehicle of its type. Every hearse is hand built and created to requirement.

Known as Britain’s oldest car manufacturers, Daimler was first associated with Royalty in 1898 when the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, was given a ride on a Daimler by John Douglas-Scott-Montagu later known as Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Scott-Montagu, as a member of parliament, also drove a Daimler into the yard of the Palace of Westminster, the first motorised vehicle to be driven there.

Horse Drawn Carriage

We are pleased to say that we are also able to supply beautiful horse drawn carriages for the funeral procession, via Cooks Carriages. This offers a more traditional way to say goodbye to your loved one. They have 9 black hearses and 2 white hearses available, 6 of which are originals. These can be pulled by either a pair, or a team of 4 or 6 horses. Available is a vast amount of different colour plumes to suit each families individual requirements. To find out more information please visit www.cookscarriages.co.uk

For more information on our fleet, or to discuss which vehicle would best suit your needs, please get in contact with one of our helpful team members today.