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Non-Religious Funeral Service

An alternative/humanist funeral is typically a non-religious service, designed to provide a dignified celebration of life for a person who did not identify as religious during their time on earth.

Humanist ceremonies/alternative funerals are intended to combine a respectful awareness of how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a person, whilst still providing a platform in which families and friends can celebrate the life of a person – and honour their legacy.

Typically, a humanist/alternative funeral takes place in a crematorium, cemetery or woodland burial site, although you are free to hold them wherever you wish. They often consist of pieces of music and readings, with a tribute section where family and friends can make eulogies to the person. Following a time for reflection, the committal takes place and the funeral draws to a close.

Alternative funerals, particularly Humanist ceremonies, are becoming more and more popular as more people experience them, leading to an increase in the number of these ceremonies being carried out across Europe and further afield. With the scope to honour the beliefs of the deceased, as well as celebrating their life in a way that suited them, alternative funerals are a beautiful way to create a lasting memorial to the person in question.

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