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Private Chapels of Rest

T. Allen Funeral Service have large Chapels of Rest and believe they should be a private, spacious and relaxing environment for you to say your farewells.

At T. Allen, we understand just how important it is that you are able to say your final goodbyes to your loved one in a peaceful and private environment. We offer large, spacious chapels of rest across our Medway branches, creating a relaxing environment for you to say your farewells.

We are proud to say that our chapels of rest are inclusive of all religions, as well as non-religious denominations. All of our chapels have been dedicated by local clergy, but we are able to have the cross removed. We can also replace the cross with other religious symbols, based on the wishes of the family; this includes the Khanda for the Sikh faith, The Om for Hindu faiths, and Lord Buddha for the Buddhist faith.

The chapel of rest within our Strood branch, the first of our four locations to open, is the largest of all of our chapels. Therefore, we are able to hold small, private services here. This chapel can allow up to 40 people to be seated in the beautiful reclaimed church pews, offering families the opportunity to gather together and visit a loved one in a comforting setting.

We understand that the chance to visit a loved one and spend some final moments together is an opportunity to create a positive memory, and can be a really powerful step in the natural grieving process. As a result, we want to ensure that our chapels of rest are a calm setting, where the focus is on you and your close friends and family – with soft background music playing, and the opportunity to add personal items if you choose.

To find out more about our private chapels, or to discuss your requirements with our respectful and knowledgeable team of staff, please get in touch. 

Our Strood Service Chapel