Arranging a funeral
We are here to provide you with sensitive and professional support to help you organise a unique funeral.
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Arrangements & Certificates

All funeral arrangements are carried out with confidentiality and all families leave our premises with written estimates as requested by The Office of Fair Trading.

Death certificates are charged for and it is worth getting extra copies for banks, insurance, etc. You will also be given a form for the Department of Social Security to alter/stop any pensions or benefits. The service will be provided by T. Allen Funeral Service.

Funeral Registration

Registration must take place within 5 working days, and families are given a Disposal certificate that must be given to the funeral director. This certificate is not given to the family if the coroner is involved.
When a bereavement occurs, most people do not know what they have to do. At T. Allen Funeral Service, we will inform you about registering the death, which must be done by the next of kin, executor or someone who was present when the death took place.

Items to take to Register Office:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Deceased's Medical Card - if possible
  • Deceased's Birth and Marriage Certificate
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