Going through the process of arranging a funeral for a loved one can be a difficult and confusing time, which is why we’re committed to supporting grief-stricken families through this troubling event. To do this, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that arranging a funeral is as simple as possible, in a way which still honours and treasures the wishes of the deceased.

There is, unfortunately, a certain amount of certification that exists around a funeral, which can be complex to navigate for people who are currently going through the difficult period after losing a loved one. This includes certificates for burial or cremation, which gives permission for the person who has died to be buried or cremated, and the death certificate, issued as legal proof of the death.

Fortunately, the team at T. Allen Funeral Service are on hand to support and guide people through this unsettling time. Our team has extensive experience when it comes to funeral arrangements, encompassing all religious beliefs, preferences and requirements. We’re proud that our funeral arrangements are welcoming and respectful of all people and their beliefs, and ensure that our offerings are fully customisable – allowing you to create a bespoke funeral well suited to the individual.

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