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Funeral Guide

Funeral Obituaries

Free online obituary, donation tool and funeral organiser

As part of our service we provide a free online obituary for your loved one.
  • As part of our service we provide a free online obituary for your loved one. The donation tool allows others to easily donate in memory of your loved one.
  • Enables gift aid of 25% to be added to donations.
  • The funeral organiser lets you know who is attending the funeral and the reception.
  • Helps you organise all your administrative tasks.
  • The obituary Saves you time and stress communicating the funeral details.
  • Allows friends and family to share their memories of your loved one.
The memorial book
  • The memorial book is a timeless keepsake that contains all the condolence messages, candles, written memories and photos from the obituary in hardback form.
  • You can order the memorial book any time after the funeral. This is so that friends and family have enough time to pay their respects and add their memories to the obituary.
  • The memorial book requires a minimum number of pages before it can be ordered.
  • For more details and prices on this timeless keepsake, please visit your online obituary.