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Eco Funeral Service

Eco-friendly funerals are becoming more and more popular in the present day, as people become increasingly aware of the damaging effects of habitat destruction and global warming.

Unfortunately, funerals are often damaging to the environment in some way, whether it’s through the use of the land or through the CO2 generated during cremation. This is where eco-friendly funerals can help to minimise these negative impacts, while giving the body a final purpose. These eco-funerals typically involve burials, in a quiet, woodland setting – ideally in a way that doesn’t visibly impact the environment. However, at T Allen we also offer eco-friendly cremations.

Eco-friendly coffins, including options made from natural or biodegradable materials, are another excellent way to ensure that the impact of the funeral on the earth is reduced. Many people who choose an eco-friendly funeral opt to not have a traditional headstone, favouring a more subtle option like planting a tree on the burial site or including a small wooden placard instead. Some people also choose not to have any flowers, asking instead for charitable donations – perhaps to a treasured environmental organisation.

Not only do environmentally-friendly funerals help to reduce negative effects on the planet, as well as cutting down on CO2 emissions, but they also give the body of the deceased a final purpose – giving back to the land and nourishing the earth.

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