This option includes the following and is open to all members of the public:

  • The basic funeral arrangements
  • Collecting the deceased from the place of death (within a ten-mile radius, outside of the ten-mile radius will incur a further charge)
  • A Hastings coffin and gown
  • Hearse only direct to a local Crematorium or burial in a local Cemetery

The cost of the Oliver Funeral is £1485.00

Hastings Coffin
Hastings Coffin
The Oliver Funeral plan does not include the following:
  • Leaving from a home address or one of our branches (following the hearse to the Crematorium or Cemetery)
  • The opportunity of viewing the deceased and dressing them in their own clothes

Disbursements paid on your behalf:

  • Medical fees
  • Crematorium or burial fees
  • Minister’s fees


Our payment terms are full fees to be paid as cleared funds, five working days before the funeral date.