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Funeral Guide

How Planning Your Funeral Will Help Your Family to Heal

When it comes to funeral advice, it is clear that there are no right or wrong choices. Each person is an individual and each funeral can be organised to ensure it represents the deceased and allows for the family to celebrate the life that they had together.

Planning a funeral may seem like a daunting task and one that many people would prefer not to do. It is often overlooked that the planning of someone’s funeral, or the implementation of pre-funeral arrangements, can be a very important process that helps loved ones to grieve and heal.

Planning Your Own Funeral

It is becoming more common for people to obtain funeral advice and plan their own funeral while they are still alive. Many people like to know that they have arranged what they want and paid for it so that loved ones aren’t left with the costs or difficult decisions.

In these situations, the decisions have been made and the family just needs to follow the instructions to make sure that what was organised is delivered. If you have already arranged what you want your funeral to be like then this will allow your loved ones to work through your wishes. This can help with the healing process because it means family members don’t need to take all their time focusing on funeral arrangements. They can spend time grieving and coming to terms with the loss. Working through your instructions may also make people feel closer to you after you have passed away.

Loved Ones Choosing Your Funeral Arrangements

There will be times when it hasn’t been possible to get funeral advice or organise a pre-arranged funeral. This doesn’t mean that the process is any less helpful in encouraging healing amongst your loved ones. Arranging a funeral will usually involve lots of talking about the deceased, including what they liked and what they didn’t like, and sharing memories.

This is part of the process to ensure the funeral arrangements reflect what the deceased person would want. This is also vital in the grieving and healing process and so by discussing funeral arrangements, loved ones will be helping each other to heal.

Should You Plan Your Own Funeral?

Any funeral advice would conclude that this is a very individual decision. Planning your funeral and paying for it can take the stress out of the process after your death and allow your loved ones to follow your wishes. However, some people deal with death better if they are able to take control of the funeral arrangements and keep busy by making arrangements. As people grieve and heal in their own ways it is impossible to say what is best in every situation but pre-arranged funerals certainly help in many ways.

Funeral Arrangements in Kent

If you are looking for funeral advice or funeral arrangements in Kent then T. Allen Funeral Services can assist with any queries or plans that you may have. Get in touch with us and we can help with pre-funeral arrangements or help you to make the decisions about what your loved one would have liked.