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Low Cost Funeral Costs During Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a time of celebration, but for some families it can be a time of bereavement.

Terry Allen lost his own father nine years ago on Christmas Day.

It is an expensive time of year and having the added worry of financing a funeral can be mind-blowing and stressful.

This is why at T. Allen Funeral Service we believe we have come up with an affordable send off for your loved one; around £1,000 plus disbursements (fees paid out on your behalf) such as for the minister, cremation and doctors, bringing it to a total cost of £1,800.

A total of 34 people can attend the service with a minister, organist and also personal music being played, with the cremation taking place at a local crematorium the next working day with no-one attending.

We have carried out a few of these services recently and the feedback from the families was that they found it to be a very personal and dignified send-off.

The picturesque Strood Chapel can accommodate up to 34 mourners and offers a wonderful outlet for those wishing to bid their final farewells.

For more information please contact one of our branches in Rainham, Rochester, Strood and Twydall.

We would also like to announce that with last year’s bad weather in mind, we have had our Land Rover Defender converted into a long wheel base hearse.

This was carried out by a specialist Land Rover company in Essex who have previously completed four conversions, including one vehicle in the Falkland Islands.

With many families budgeting for celebratory events and presents, having to pay out costly funeral service fees can leave struggling during the Christmas holidays.

We can also offer a couple of 4×4 following cars if necessary, should the weather be as bad as last year.

Our company is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and Terry is a proud member of the British Institute of Embalmbers since 1984.


T. Allen Funeral Service have converted their Land Rover Defender into a long wheel base hearse.

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