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Offering Comforting Words to Parents Who Have Lost a Child

Providers of funeral advice UK will confirm that, while coping with loss is always difficult, grieving from a loss of a child is especially challenging. In the UK alone, over 100 people under the age of 18 pass away every day. That leaves a lot of bereaved parents struggling to move on with their lives.

Arranging a funeral is never easy, but when it is for your own son or daughter, it’s particularly distressing. As UK funeral directors, we work with many people who need to make funeral arrangements in Kent for their child. One thing we understand all too well is how important it is to know what to say to those grieving parents.

Often, family members and friends don’t know what to say to someone who has lost a child. They want to offer comfort and support but can’t seem to find the right words. Fortunately, there are many ways to help those parents come to terms with their loss.

What Do Grieving Parents Need To Hear?

At this upsetting time, grieving parents need to hear some simple yet important things.  They want to know:

  •         Their child was important to others.
  •         They aren’t alone.
  •         They have someone they can turn to if needed.
  •         They don’t need to feel guilty.

Offering Condolences

Many people have no idea what they should say in moments like this. Often, the best thing to say to someone who has lost their child is that you’re sorry for their loss. It’s simple, but if it’s sincerely meant, it means a lot.

Often, there’s no need to say anything else at all. You may feel as if you should fill the silence with words. That is rarely necessary. Just being physically present can be sufficient to support grieving parents.

Offering Support

Reassuring those who have suffered a loss that they aren’t alone is crucial. Grief is often very isolating. Tell them that you’re on hand if they need you. Make sure they know that they can cry on your shoulder, offer support, or just be there with them. They may not take you up on your offer, but they will almost certainly appreciate it.

It’s often a good idea to be specific about how you could help. Grief can be overwhelming, making it feel impossible to know what you want or need. Offering to prepare a meal, do the shopping, or make some phone calls, for example, can be crucial practical support. Sometimes it may be appropriate to suggest grief counseling or to give helpline numbers, websites, or podcasts that could assist.

Offering Reassurance

As a parent, the guilt can be overwhelming when their child passes away. It may be irrational but it’s quite normal. Offering them the reassurance that nobody blames them is helpful. Telling them that no one is judging them may put their mind at rest.

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