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When Holidays Feel Empty: Coping with the Absence of a Loved One

Coping with loss is a complex process, often leaving you feeling lonely and unsure of how to move forward. This is especially difficult when the holiday season comes around and you find yourself coping with grief while those around you look forward to the celebrations that are going on. Rather than shutting yourself away, take a moment to read our advice on coping with loss during the festivities.


Prioritise Your Grief

Coping with loss is a personal process and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. However, many people who experience loss will feel pressured to behave in a specific way to ensure that other people are more comfortable. The problem with this is that you will end up not getting the support and time you need, making the holidays harder than ever. Instead, make yourself a priority this holiday season and do what feels right for you!


Old Traditions Vs New Traditions

With loss comes a level of pressure to remember the person who has passed in a way that they would have wanted, including sticking to traditions that were important to them. However, take some time to think about which traditions you want to continue and whether there are any new traditions that you’d like to begin. Grieving doesn’t mean that you can’t look forward to the holidays, so make them what you want them to be without pressure or stress.

When Holidays Feel Empty: Coping with the Absence of a Loved One

Share Your Grief

Coping with loss doesn’t need to be a solo endeavour, especially during the season of celebrations. Rather than trying to handle everything on your own, share your feelings with those around you and let them provide you with the support you need. This could involve remembering the person who has passed, sticking to traditions that were important to them or even putting up a special, festive photo so that you can feel that they are part of the events.


Take Care of Yourself

At T Allen Funeral Services Kent, one thing we notice that many people forget to do is to look after themselves during the holiday season. This means thinking about your own physical and mental health and making decisions that will keep you feeling your best. This could mean limiting the amount of alcohol that you consume or the number of events you attend. Ultimately, it’s important to take good care of yourself so that you can work your way through the season in the best possible way.


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