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Reasons Why You Should Update Your Will

Making a will is an important process but it can be difficult, especially when it comes to thinking about life after you have passed away. Once it is complete, you may be tempted to put it in the back of a drawer and forget about it, but this could be a costly mistake. Find out now why it is important to go through the process of updating your will on a regular basis.

Our Top 5 Reasons for Updating Your Will

Wills are meant to reflect your preferences for what happens after your death and as such, should be regularly reviewed to ensure that it reflects your current thinking. There are a wide range of reasons why updating your will is essential, so we’ve shared five key reasons to help you understand the importance of updating your will.

  1.       Out-of-date wills and intestacy – many people don’t realise that if their will is out of date, it is possible that it could be ruled as being invalid. Certain life events, such as marriage and divorce can impact the validity of your will. In these cases, the rules of intestacy will apply, and the state will be responsible for deciding who will inherit your estate.
  2.       Providing for your loved ones – not all families are close and if your will is not up to date, it will usually be your family who benefit from your will. If you have loved ones who are not part of your family, these people could miss out if you don’t keep your will up to date.
  3.       Coping with grief – undoubtedly your loved ones will find your death to be a painful and distressing time. Coping with grief can be very difficult and one of the ways people find comfort is by enacting your wishes. Keeping your will up to date will help your loved ones feel positive about following your wishes.
  4.       Simplify the process – planning a funeral can be a stressful time so by keeping your will up to date, you will ensure that the process of distributing your estate is kept as simple as possible. A clear, well-written and up to date will allow the process to be quick and simple.
  5.       Reduce the risk of contesting – if your will is out of date then it can be difficult to understand what your intentions were. This can lead to people contesting your will, which could result in people benefiting who would not want to receive any of your estate, or people receiving aspects that you wanted to leave to others.
Reasons Why You Should Update Your Will

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