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Funeral Guide

Coping With Suicide Grief

The death of a friend or family member is always difficult but when the death is the result of suicide, grief can often be experienced in a different way. There are no right or wrong ways to cope with grief but it is helpful to understand more about it and what coping strategies have helped others. 

Suicide Grief and Conflicting Emotions

Overwhelming emotions are common when coping with grief of all types, but when it comes to suicide grief people often find that they experience very conflicting emotions. The sadness at losing a loved one can be overshadowed at times by confusion about why the person chose to end their lift and even anger at the person for taking their own life. 

Many people also experience some level of guilt and can spend time trying to work out if they could have done anything different or if they had done something wrong. Anger can also be felt towards services that could have provided more help, or to other friends or family members. These emotions are all a very natural part of processing death but can feel overwhelming a lot of the time.

Talking Therapy for Suicide Grief

If you find that you are struggling following the suicide of someone close to you, there are specialists who can help. Bereavement counsellors can support you through all types of grief, and many will have training in suicide grief and how this could be affecting you. Counsellors are available in the NHS, voluntary organisations and privately.

Planning the Funeral Can Help with Grief

Many people who have experienced suicide grief have found that making funeral arrangements can help with the grieving process and T. Allen Funeral Services will be able to help you through this difficult time if you are looking for funeral arrangements in Kent. Family and friends of the loved one coming together and sharing memories as they decide what arrangements to put in place to say goodbye can be very healing. 

Funeral Plans with Dignity and Respect

People have very differing opinions when it comes to suicide, and this can impact the way a funeral is arranged. For funeral advice, Kent based T. Allen Funeral Service is able to offer practical solutions and a range of options for you to consider. Ensuring the person receives a dignified and respectful funeral can help family and friends come to terms with their loss.

Allen Funeral Services in Kent are a family run business who have supported many people during the loss of someone to suicide. Whether you know exactly what you would like or need some assistance in the funeral plans in Medway, the professional and compassionate team will be with you every step of the way.

If you are looking for a funeral directors in Rochester, Medway or Kent, get in touch with T. Allen Funeral Services and allow them to support you through the process.