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Coping with a Loved One’s Death Anniversary

There is no definitive timeframe for a death anniversary as people experience grief in different ways. Following a recent death, people may count the days, weeks or months. Yearly anniversaries of a person’s death are common, and most people tend to find that they recognise the day even if they were not intending to.  

Coping with Loss on Anniversaries

The day that we lose a person close to us will always remain significant and it is common for people to re-experience the grief they felt at the time of the death. For lots of people, this happens for many years, and sometimes for the rest of their lives. The sadness and sense of loss are likely to return but there is usually less support available than when the person passed away. It is important to recognise that these anniversaries will be difficult and allow yourself to grieve again. 

Remember the Day with Family and Friends

Marking a death anniversary can be very therapeutic for people who are still struggling with grief, or who are finding the upcoming anniversary hard to think about. Planning a memorial can give you something practical to focus on and allow you to remember your loved one in a beneficial way. T. Allen can provide a dignified funeral service in Kent, but they are also available to help you in planning a memorial in the same way that they are able to offer funeral advice.  

If you don’t want to have a formal memorial, there are many other ways you can mark the day. Visiting their grave or the area in which their cremated remains were scattered is a way of connecting with your loved one and can involve all the family and friends who miss the person.

Remembering the Day on Your Own

You might want to spend the day on your own or spend some time with others and also make space for yourself as well. Going through a box of memories, doing something you used to enjoy with your loved one, or spending some time journaling about how you are feeling are all ways to spend time remembering.

If you are coming up to the first year death anniversary, it is difficult to predict how you will feel. It can be helpful to take the day off work if possible and plan what you will do. However, if you don’t feel up to your plans on the day, allow yourself to do what you need to.

Funeral Directors in Kent

Whether you are looking for funeral arrangements in Kent, General funeral advice, or would like to discuss options to mark the death anniversary of a loved one, T. Allen Funeral Services is available to support you. As a family-run business, we understand the impact that death has on those left behind and provide a professional and respectful way to remember your loved one. Get in contact today.