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Funeral Guide

Day for Remembering Dad

Since we opened our doors in 1995, T Allen Funeral Service has been providing support to families coping with grief by providing funeral advice and funeral arrangements in Kent. We find that there are many days in the UK calendar that exacerbate feelings of loss and upset and Father’s Day is one of them. Need more help? Read our advice on Father’s Day grief and use our tips to hope you through.


Share Your Grief with Loved Ones

One of the best tips for coping with grief is to share it with others that are feeling the same loss as you. This could be members of your family that are facing Father’s Day with you, or other people that have also lost their dad. If you are feeling alone and want to reach out, there are a number of grief support services that work hard to offer support and advice during these difficult times.


Remember the Way You Want

If you had a special way of celebrating Father’s Day with your dad, then why not celebrate in his honour this year too? It could be having a meal with your family or heading to his favourite haunts to pay your respects. Whatever you want to do this year is up to you and should help you to face your grief in a way that brings you comfort. 


Get Outside

If you are struggling to put your grief into words and don’t know how to move forward this year, take some time to get outside in nature and allow yourself the space to process your feelings. Being outdoors can be incredibly healing and walking is a great way to clear your head and work things through in your own time. If you don’t like walking or you want to avoid seeing others, then pottering in your own garden can be just as beneficial.


Get Rid of the Guilt

If you lost your dad some time ago, you may find that your feelings of grief have dissipated and you have more good days than bad. Nevertheless, when Father’s Day approaches, one might experience a sense of guilt due to an overwhelming happiness. Fight against these feelings and remind yourself that your dad would have wanted you to find peace and happiness even without him around, so don’t let guilt spoil the good things you’ve got going for you.


Get Help With Father’s Day Grief

If you have recently lost your dad and need funeral advice, the T Allen Funeral Service team are here to help. We provide funeral services in Kent and work with you to create a service that will allow you to mourn in the way you need. Whether you’ve been looking for funeral directors or funeral plans in Medway, the T Allen Funeral Service team are ready to support you – contact us today.