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How to Cope with Father’s Day Grief

When your dad or someone that has been a father figure to you passes away, you can be left feeling a whole range of emotions that are hard to work through. For many people, certain times of the year are especially hard to deal with and the run-up to Father’s Day is one of the most difficult times. We’ve shared some advice that you can use during this difficult time so that you can move forward, knowing that there is support out there for you.


Recognise Your Emotions

Father’s Day grief is especially difficult as it will often remind you of special moments that you enjoyed with your Dad over the years. However, rather than avoiding or masking your grief, don’t be afraid to recognise the emotions you are feeling and allow yourself time to remember your dad and the time you spent together.


Be Kind To Yourself

Other people may have had a difficult relationship with their father and may have been estranged from him before he passed away. If this is something that you are facing then your emotions are just as valid as someone who had a different relationship with their parent. You could be feeling angry, hurt and even upset that you missed out on having a special parental relationship and this will take time to process and grieve.


Lean On Others

Talking to people who have also lost a parent can be really helpful when times like Father’s Day are looming.You can share memories, talk about your grief and discuss different coping strategies that may work well for you. By sharing with other people, you will be able to enjoy a safe space to remember your relationship with your dad and support others who are struggling too.


Write to Him

Writing a Father’s Day card to your dad is a simple and effective way of expressing your grief and giving yourself time to work through your current emotions. Many people find writing cards or letters to someone that has passed strange or difficult, but you can then post or dispose of it in a way that leaves you feeling more empowered.


Ignore the Day 

For some people, the idea of Father’s Day grief can be just too overwhelming, no matter what you try and do to cope with it. In these cases, it may be better just to ignore the day and take some time for yourself rather than feeling bound to mark it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ignoring the day if that is right for you – grief is a difficult emotion to process and you have to do what is best for you rather than what you think you should be doing!


Providing You with Funeral Advice Kent

If you need to make funeral arrangements in Kent or funeral plans in Medway and want the advice of a funeral director, T. Allen Funeral Service is here for you. We complete a number of funeral services in Kent and pride ourselves on being compassionate and supportive during this difficult time. Get in touch today and we will be happy to help you.