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5 Ways to Honour a Loved One’s Memory at Easter

If you are grieving at Easter time, you may be finding it hard to find poignant ways to remember someone who has passed away. It is important that you are not on your own, even if you feel that way, and at T. Allen Funeral Services Kent, we have some Easter grief advice that could help. Take some time to read our 5 simple ways you can honour a loved one’s memory this Easter time.


Dedicate a Space in Your Garden to Them

Getting outside in spring is often something that can feel healing and freeing. Rather than feeling guilty about this, why not plant something in dedication to the person that has passed. Many people choose roses to help remember loved ones as they can be tended to and will go from strength to strength when looked after. If you aren’t as green-fingered as you’d like, planting a tree is also a great way to remember someone and will give you a physical place you can go to when you want to think about them.


Put Up a Photo or Ornament That Reminds You of Them

Hiding all memories of someone you have lost can make it hard to process your grief in a healthy way. Take some time to select some photos or objects that remind you of them the most and display them in a place that you can use to think about them. It can be difficult to remember someone in the early days of grief, but having some mementos around will provide you comfort when you need it the most.


Light a Candle to Represent Them

If you find it hard to verbalise how you are feeling, why not light a candle in their memory when you are celebrating Easter? This will allow them to occupy a physical space wherever you are and represent the loss that you are experiencing. Many people also say a prayer or take some time to reflect quietly when they light a candle, providing real time to grieve.


Make Time for Them at Easter

Grieving at Easter doesn’t need to be something you try and hide, even when you are spending it with other people. In fact, making time to share stories about someone that has passed is a great way to keep them alive in your memory. Arrange a time with others that knew them and enjoy sharing anecdotes about them as well as sharing how you are feeling so that you can get support from the people that understand what you are going through.


Get the Best Funeral Advice Kent

If you need to make funeral arrangements in Kent or want to find out more about funeral plans Medway, T. Allen Funeral Services is here for you. Our funeral directors Rochester and Kent are ready to provide the advice and support you need to get through this difficult time. Reach out to us today and we will help you make the plans you need with care, respect and dignity. When you choose T. Allen Funeral Services, grieving at Easter time will come with the support and understanding you need to get through this difficult time.