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The Role Of A Grief Support Specialist

Here at T. Allen Funeral Services, we know all too well the impact that losing a loved one can have on a person. Many people often come to us seeking advice, which we provide in a respectful, sincere and delicate manner. However, to those who are experiencing grief in its deepest form, a grief support specialist may assist with aiding in dealing with the grief being experienced.

What Is A Grief Specialist?

A grief specialist is almost like a counselor and is usually a person with a large amount of experience either dealing with grief themselves or experience helping others deal with grief. There are both qualified and unqualified self proclaimed grief specialists. If you feel the need to talk to somebody, you can reach out to T. Allen Funeral Services and we will be happy to provide support or point you in the right direction for grief counseling.

What Does A Grief Specialist Do?

There are many different names for professionals that offer grief assistance, including grief counselor, grief therapist, family support counselor, licensed grief support practitioner, and behavioral health grief counselor. These experts provide assistance inside a one-on-one or cohort environment. There is also peer-led sources of support, which are facilitated by those who have suffered a loss comparable to your own, including a death by suicide, an overdoses, or illness.

A grief counselor’s job is to walk beside you or lead you as you move through the grieving process. Counseling’s primary objective is to assist you in coming to terms with the truth of your loss.

How Do I Know If I Should Seek Grief Counseling?

Loss is a core part of existence. The ways we feel, deal with, and recover from bereavement is very subjective and is dictated by our experiences and feelings, our worldviews, and our particular personalities. While managing the ups and downs of sorrow can be difficult for anyone, expert guidance is beneficial and strongly advised when grief:

  • Starts interfering with day-to-day activities and participation in normal ones
  • Begins to negatively affects interactions with friends, relatives, and coworkers
  • Continues to cause lingering shame, regret, despair, or emotions of being trapped in the grief process.

Do You Need To Make Funeral Arrangements In Kent?

T. Allen Funeral Services can help if you require funeral planning assistance or want to make funeral arrangements in Kent. Since we are aware of how delicate these situations can be, we conduct our business with utmost consideration and respect for everyone concerned.

Contact us today should you require a funeral service in or around Kent and require expert services. T. Allen Funeral Services can assist with every step of both the funeral service and its preparations. We also provide funeral advice to people who have just lost a loved one or maybe know a person who has.