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Funeral Guide

Should you Send Flowers?

Do you know someone who has experienced the unfortunate loss of a loved one? Are you not sure what to do to help? T Allen funeral service can help offer funeral advice or help to make funeral arrangements in Kent.

How Can You Help?

A question often wondered by many people is how you can help a person who has sadly lost a loved one. The unfortunate event of losing a loved one is tragic and can be a very stressful, painful and a sad time for friends and family. Whilst there are minimal things you can do to help the funeral situation, the person is likely to experience symptoms of grief followed by a period of grieving.

This is where you can do your best to help. A great way to help is by reaching out and letting the person know that you are there if they need anything. Sometimes people experiencing grief may struggle to do their normal everyday routines so may appreciate things like a home cooked meal prepared for them or having their shopping dropped over.

Should I Send Flowers?

Sending flowers can be a great way to reach out to a person who has lost a loved one and to initiate contact. Quite often people experiencing grief will tend to withdraw and may not be keen on socialising for quite some time whilst they cope with their grief.

By sending flowers, you can subtly let the individual know that you are thinking of them, which can help them to feel loved and cared for. It can also be a reminder that you are thinking of them if they need you. Quite often the person will reach out to thank you for the flowers, at which point you can ask them how they are doing and if there is anything they need or would like help with.

So to answer, yes you should send flowers to somebody who is grieving, timing is not overly important, but it is best to wait a little while after the funeral has passed.

Need Funeral Advice?

If you need funeral advice or need to make funeral arrangements in Kent, T. Allen Funeral Services can assist you. We understand just how sensitive these times can be, which is why we operate with great care and respect for all involved.

If you need a funeral service in Kent, please feel free to get in touch. T. Allen Funeral Services can help with every aspect of the funeral planning and the actual funeral. We can offer advice to those who have recently lost or know someone who has recently lost a loved one.