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A Guide To Bereavement Leave

The death of a loved one can always be a tricky time to navigate. You may suddenly find yourself in the position where you need to take some time off from your job for a range of reasons, such as mourning the passing of a loved one, you need to make funeral arrangements or you simply need to grieve for the recently deceased. Below are some of the policies around bereavement leave if you’re planning on seeking bereavement leave UK.

What Is Bereavement Leave?

T Allen Funeral Services understand how difficult the passing of a loved one may be. You have probably heard the term bereavement leave before, and you may not be totally sure of what exactly this is. Bereavement leave is essentially compassionate leave from your job for a set period of time to help you cope with the passing of a loved one and make any necessary arrangements.

How Long Can I Take For Bereavement Leave?

If you need to take bereavement leave in the UK, you might be wondering how long is bereavement leave? In the United Kingdom, there is no set period of time in place for bereavement leave. In many cases, you will need to speak to your employer to agree to an appropriate amount of bereavement leave.

Bereavement leave may vary greatly in time, to 1 or 2 days to a couple of weeks. In some extreme cases, this could even be months. However, your employer will only be required to pay you for an agreed amount of time.

The policies around bereavement leave in the United Kingdom currently state that you may take a reasonable amount of time as bereavement leave for immediate dependants and family.

How Can I Take Bereavement Leave?

Read your employee handbook or comparable material to see if your business has a bereavement leave procedure in place prior to actually communicating with them. This can assist you in scheduling your talk regarding when and how much you can get off from employment. If the business does not have a mourning policy, they will decide however much time someone can take off and whether or not you’ll be compensated. Whether the deceased is a member of the family or dependent will also most likely influence their decision.

Family And Dependants

The government classes family and dependents as a person who is a parent, child, grandchild, partner, spouse or a person who is dependent on you for care. The allotted time off for your bereavement leave may be based on which of these roles the deceased person filled as well as your relationship to them.

Do You Need To Make Funeral Arrangements In Kent?

If you need to make funeral arrangements in Kent, or you need help with a funeral service Kent, T Allen Funeral Services can help. We are compassionate funeral directors in Kent and can offer everything from funeral services to funeral advice. If you’re unsure or have any queries about bereavement leave UK, get in contact with T Allen Funeral Services for more information.